Why Might You Need A CCTV Drain Survey?

Martin Beattie

Drainage problems can be easily fixed if they’re caught early enough. Left too late, they can become costly, complicated and time-consuming to put right.

When finding the cause of an issue or investigating if one exists at all, accuracy and time are paramount.

That’s where CCTV drain surveys come in. Whether you suspect drainage issues or just want to be sure your drainage system is in good condition, a CCTV drain survey will provide the answers.

But, what is a CCTV drain survey and why might you need one?

Let’s get into it.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drain survey is the process of inserting a small waterproof camera into your drainage system. This camera records footage within your drains, which can be used by drainage engineers to identify any issues.

These issues can include blockages, damage, leaks, animal intrusion and more.

The survey itself is a fairly quick procedure, usually taking around two hours to survey three manholes. Obviously, the larger or more complex your drainage system, the longer the survey will take.

Once the survey has been completed, your drainage engineer will provide you with a detailed report outlining any issues found.

Why might you need a CCTV drain survey?

There are two main types of CCTV drain surveys:

Let’s explain these in more detail.

·        Build-over CCTV drainage surveys

Build-over CCTV drainage surveys usually take place where a building extension is being planned.

If you’re planning on extending your property – whether you’re increasing the size of your kitchen or building a new conservatory – your local water authority may insist a CCTV drainage survey is conducted to ensure their drainage infrastructure isn’t affected.

These surveys are split into two parts, pre and post conditional drainage surveys.

Before your building work starts, your pre-conditional drainage survey will need to take place. This will essentially act as a CCTV risk assessment, identifying the location of drains, preventing any damage to both your own drainage system and the local authority’s during the work. It also identifies existing damage that needs fixing.

Once your building work is completed, a post-conditional drainage survey should take place.

This ensures your new drainage system is installed correctly. It will also make sure there’re no misconnected elements which could cause pollution to connecting watercourses – rivers and canals, for example.

·        Domestic CCTV drain surveys

Domestic CCTV drain surveys are also known as home buyer drain surveys.

Sometimes requested mortgage lenders, these surveys give an insight into the state of your drainage system.

If any issues arise, you can make plans to get them fixed once you’ve bought the property. If the issues are major, the current owner may be able to get them fixed before you purchase the property using their existing home insurance. Though you may decide the issues are too large to take on yourselves and may choose to pull out of the sale.

Because it’s always better to be aware of any potential issues before committing to such a large purchase, it’s always advised you request a domestic CCTV drain survey before exchanging contracts, even if your mortgage lender doesn’t request one.

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