CCTV Drain Surveys London

CCTV Drainage Surveys in London

ADS are specialists in CCTV Drain Surveys across London and the southeast. As fully certified drainage surveyors we are experts in this field of drainage works. All our surveys are produced CCTV Drain Survey London Software - Accelerated Drain Servicesusing WRC approved reporting software.

We offer CCTV Drainage Surveys to domestic and commercial clients, as well as hospitals, schools, factories and industrial properties. An ever-increasing number of architects, building surveyors and structural engineers are employing certified drainage surveyors for underground drainage investigations. No surprise when CCTV Drain Surveys London can identify minor and major drainage issues – ranging from general wear and tear, blocked drains and leaking pipes to collapsed drains and tree root ingress.

CCTV Drain Surveys establish the structural condition of underground drainage systems which, due to a variety of reasons, can be defective. In many cases, defective drains pose a threat to the property they serve and are often found to be the primary cause of subsidence.

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Why choose ADS for CCTV Drain Surveys London

Here at ADS, we provide CCTV drain surveys, such as home buyers drainage surveys, which can potentially save you thousands of pounds on maintenance work – identifying problems early. We also provide subsidence surveys, vermin investigation surveys, general condition surveys and build-over surveys which are often required by water companies and building controllers for home extensions.

CCTV Drain Survey London - Accelerated Drain Services

It is now common practice for drainage surveyors and mortgage lenders to advise any potential property buyer of commercial property to have a CCTV drain survey carried out on the drainage system prior to completing the purchase of the property. CCTV Drain Surveys London allow faults in the drainage system to be located and assessed and, when required, professionally repaired.

Due to the accuracy of the software programs available for our CCTV Drain Surveys London, reports can be generated on-site, providing instant information and feedback. We use the latest plant and electronic equipment, including XTI Drain Cameras which produce the clearest underground images. After a thorough CCTV drain survey has been carried out by our engineers, we provide an in-depth written report detailing existing and potential faults. The report clearly indicates exactly what and where any problems are, and we can recommend the best course of action to take to rectify the issue. In most cases, we can provide a written quotation for any remedial works required.

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If you’d like to know more about our CCTV Drainage Surveys London, please call 0208 594 7171 and the team will happily share their expertise and offer friendly advice. You can also email your questions about our surveys to

If you need a domestic survey please see our home buyers CCTV drain survey. For business drainage problems, check out our commercial drainage services in London.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is an in-depth inspection of the condition of drainage systems. A high-tech camera records video footage inside the drain and captures useful information that drainage engineers can use to identify any issues that might be present – be it blockages in pipes or sewers.
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How does a CCTV Drain Survey work?

The way CCTV drain surveys work is simple. The first thing you’ll need to do is arrange a survey.

An engineer will come and visit you to discuss the drainage issue in further detail before setting up survey equipment (waterproof cameras, access rods, crawlers and sonar units). They will then gain access to your drains and insert the CCTV camera – providing a real-time view of your drains so they can inspect the condition of your drains and identify blockages or damage.

The findings from the drain survey in London will then be reported back to you and repair or cleaning recommendations will be provided (if required).
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How long does a CCTV Drain Survey take?

The team at Accelerated Drain Services Ltd has the expertise to complete CCTV drain surveys quickly and efficiently. The quicker we can establish the issue, the sooner it can be resolved.

The time it takes to complete the CCTV drain survey itself depends on how much pipework and drainage you have. The larger the drains, the longer it takes to locate the problem.

On average, it takes 2 hours to survey 2-3 manholes – giving ample time to discover the root cause of the problem and recommend the appropriate action to take.
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What type of issues can a CCTV Drainage Survey find?

CCTV drain surveys in London help to identify minor and major drainage problems, including:

  • collapsed drains
  • tree root ingress
  • blockages
  • pipe leaks/bursts
  • corrosion
  • wear and tear
  • animal intrusion
  • poor installation

To find out what else our CCTV drain surveys in London can be used for, call 0208 594 7171 or email

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How do Accelerated Drain Services conduct a CCTV drain survey?

Here at Accelerated Drain Services, we specialise in CCTV drain surveys in London and accommodate residential, commercial and industrial clients. We make sure all CCTV drain surveys are conducted professionally and provide a timely, cost-effective service – detailing the extent of pipework, diagnosing and detecting issues.

Our engineers will carry out the survey at a convenient time for you and as soon as they arrive at your property, they will start the inspection.

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