Drain Mapping & Tracing

Drain Mapping & Tracing Services

Drain mapping is designed to locate and record the location of underground drainage systems – often carried out alongside a CCTV drain survey or build over surveys when required.

Build over surveys are becoming commonplace for people who are building extensions, or undertaking building work on their property, as water company drains and sewers tend to be found under private gardens and side returns. You need to know where the drainage system is to arrange planning permission – helping to avoid expensive fines when work starts. CCTV drain surveys and drain tracing can help.

Drain mapping at Accelerated Drain Services

Drain Mapping & Tracing Device

Drainage mapping identifies which part of the system is yours and what belongs to the water company, and the team at ADS are not only experts but are all fully certified. Using our finely

honed skills, we can successfully map your drains – making it easier for you to identify their exact location.

Our sewer mapping operatives are trained and certified in how to use mapping equipment correctly and create an accurate site plan.

We use underground sondes and tracing dyes for sewer mapping. Sondes transmit a high-frequency signal that is picked up using a locator – allowing us to accurately map the system.

Drain Mapping and Tracing in process - Accelerated Drain Services London

Typically, three coloured dyes are used throughout the process of drain tracing – allowing our surveyors to trace the flow direction. We never use the same colour systematically to prevent cross-contamination. One colour is used to test a component (i.e. a WC, bath or shower) and traced from source to outlet. After this, we flush clean water through the system to remove the colour before using a different coloured dye.

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Need to know more about our drain mapping and tracing services? Feel free to contact us. If you have any questions about drainage mapping, check out our FAQs below, and if you don’t find the answer you need, rest assured, we are on hand 24/7. Call us on 0208 594 7171 or send an email to info@london-drainage.co.uk and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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Safety is a key issue here at ADS London Drainage. As fully certified drainage contractors safety is our number one priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Drain Mapping important?

Drain mapping will help to identify what part of your drainage system is yours and what belongs to the water company, it will also help to trace unknown inlets and outlets

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Is specialist equipment required?

Yes, underground sondes produce a high-frequency signal which is picked up at ground level by a locator, this allows accurate mapping of sub-terranean pipework
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Is a CCTV survey required too?

In some cases, it is better to combine both a CCTV survey with a mapping project to ensure greater accuracy

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What is drain tracing?

Drain tracing is often used in conjunction with CCTV surveying & mapping, a vibrant coloured dye is added to water and this is poured into various drainage components such as WC’s, showers, gullies or manholes, the coloured water is then traced to follow the route of the drainage system

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What do I want to achieve from a drain mapping service?

The ultimate goal of a drain or sewer mapping project is to provide the client with the required details of the pipework in question, this relates primarily to its depth and precise location.

The direction of flow is also a key factor but in some cases, especially if tracing misconnections or pollution issues when further data may be required.

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