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Do your drains in London need repairing? We understand that repairing drains can be a daunting concept – especially if you have to dig up the land around your property. But whether it be cracks or defects within your drainage system, Accelerated Drain Services are experts in drain repairs and have the perfect solution for you – drain lining.

Drain pipe relining, also known as sewer lining and pipe relining, is a non-destructive technique that allows us to fix drains quickly and easily – without having to excavate. Our drain pipe lining services can also prevent issues from escalating into something more serious – keeping disruption to a minimum.

Drain Relining at Accelerated Drain Services – Full Certified in Drain Lining

All ADS engineers are fully certified in drain lining and only use approved materials, this gives our customers the assurances they need when having lining carried out

Drain relining is one of the most straightforward ways to ensure your drains are in top condition.

Before starting the drain relining process, we will carry out a CCTV survey to determine the extent and location of the damage. Once we’ve established which area we need to target, we’ll flush the pipe using our high-pressure water jets to ensure the walls on the inside of pipes are clean and even – ready for the lining to attach itself to. We’ll continue using CCTV technology throughout the process of sewer pipe relining to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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A drain lining sleeve with a chemical resin on the outside is inserted into an existing drain pipe and inflated so it fits tightly. The chemical resin is cured (hardened) using hot water or UV lighting and we’ll remove the inflated liner to provide a drain that has been relined and ready for many years of use.

Drain pipe lining can be used for patch lining – targeting smaller areas that have been damaged by displaced joints or tree root ingress. Radius patch is also used to repair damaged or leaking rest bends, and again, our sewer lining services come in very useful.

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