Do You Need A Build-Over Drainage Survey?

Martin Beattie

Is a build-over drainage survey really necessary?

It’s a question we get asked all the time here at Accelerated Drain Services (ADS), but the simple answer is yes.

Since October 2011, legislation was implemented that affects new home improvements. Any building work or modifications must have the appropriate provisions in place, to ensure that the work can be approved by the local water board.

That means, if you’re planning on building an extension or undertaking building works over or near a local authority sewer, you’ll need to get consent from the relevant sewage company before you can begin your project. And having a build-over drain survey carried out can be a real boon.

What is a build-over drain survey?

For those building an extension, the water authority will insist that a build-over drainage survey is conducted – especially if the work is to take place over or close to their pipes.

The process requires a developer or homeowner to submit an overview of the project, along with an internal inspection of the sewers (usually in the form of footage from a CCTV drain survey), both before and after building work commences.

At ADS, we specialise in build-over drain surveys across London and use only the most dependable software and equipment to compile a thorough report.

Here we look at a few of the reasons why it pays to have a build-over drain survey.

3 good reasons to have a build-over drain survey

1.    Establish the location and condition of pipes

When it comes to checking a drain or pipework, you can’t go wrong with a CCTV drain survey. Feeding a state-of-the-art camera into the drain directly will allow you to identify any potential issues – be it cracks, defects, leaks, or tree root ingress.

More than that though, having a drainage survey carried out before the building work begins will help to identify the current drainage system, map the drainage layout, and ascertain whether the drainage system is owned by a water company, private, or a combination of the two.

On top of this, a build-over drainage survey will determine important details for the planning stages, such as the drain depth and flow direction, pipe size, shape, diameter, and condition.

2.    Confirm that all drains on your property are in working order before the build

If not planned and executed properly, building over the top of an existing drain can pose serious damage to pre-existing pipework. Luckily, that’s where our build-over CCTV drain surveys come in.

Our experienced engineers will inspect the drains on your property before your project starts to make sure that they are in optimal condition. This way, any necessary repairs can be carried out in time for the big build.

At ADS, we will provide a detailed report to outline our findings, along with HD (High Definition) images and the footage, which can be sent straight to your water company to seek their approval.

3.    Peace of mind that the drainage is functioning correctly

Once the building work has been approved and completed, get in touch with our skilled engineers and we’ll carry out the post-build inspection on your behalf.

Arranging a build-over drain survey will ensure that the construction work hasn’t impeded the local authority’s access to the drains, nor affected the condition and performance of the drainage system.

In addition to this, having a build-over survey conducted once the work is completed will assure you that the new drainage system meets industry standards. It won’t have any misconnections which can cause pollution to the connecting local watercourse (e.g. river, canal or streams).

Book your build-over drainage survey today

Here at ADS, our NADC (National Association of Drainage Contractors) certified engineers have been providing build-over drainage surveys across London for many years. We’re confident we can help you.

To arrange a convenient time for our team to conduct the build-over survey before work commences, get in touch. You can either call us on 0208 594 7171 or email, and we’ll get back to you with more information shortly.